You may want to take your entertainment to the next level. You can best buy fire stick from Amazon. This is a tiny, but very powerful media streaming gadget. It is shaped like that of a flash drive and can be plugged into your television’s HDMI port. You can convert your normal TV into a ‘SMART TV’ and get to watch streaming video channels in thousands. It comes with easy to set up features. You just plug it and start playing. It comes with a remote control allowing you to have greater control over what you want to view. 


Amazon has launched the best buy fire stick to allow families to enjoy using this streaming video player. It has several similarities with that of Roku Streaming Stick and is considered to be Amazon’s entry-level product in this category. It is priced at approximately $40.

This full-featured streaming player does not store files but can turn televisions into an amazing Smart TV. But the television should have an HDMI port. 

What can be derived from this Fire TV Stick?

Using this device, you will be able to enjoy watching streaming channels of your choice and never get bored of it. The company officials claim channels in ‘tens of thousands’ can be added to your TV at a very less price. It also includes all your familiar streaming services like HBO Now, Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, etc. Moreover, you can also watch sports, network TV apps and less commonly known niche channels in thousands. 


The stick is provided along with a useful remote control with an inbuilt microphone allowing voice control. Being an Amazon product, it comes with Alexa supports. This means you can use Alexa skills to command the stick. It also gives you greater control over all home automation products like ecobee thermostat, Philips Hue lights, Ring doorbell, etc. You will feel like talking to the Amazon Echo speaker. 


The Fire TV category includes Fire TV Stick-4K at $49.99 and Fire TV Stick at $39.99. However, the 4K version is likely to cost you a bit more. The best buy fire stick is similar to that of Amazon’s Fire Stick. The only exception here is that it is designed to work perfectly with 4K video. The original stick offers high definition standard 1080p videos. 

Amazon also deals in Fire TV Cube that is priced at approximately $119.99. It comes with a microphone to receive voice commands even from a distance and an inbuilt speaker. You do not have to take the remote control in your hand to give clear commands. Both Fire TV Stick versions do require Wi-Fi connectivity. The Cube has been designed to connect effortlessly to the Ethernet to allow more reliable, faster internet access. Fire TV Sticks can be connected with the Ethernet using an Ethernet adapter, which again is an option. 

Best buy fire stick – The setup process

Its setup generally involves a 3-step process. The stick is to be plugged into the given power adapter. Then, it should be plugged into the HDMI video input of your TV. Once done, power on your TV and ensure it is connected to an HDMI input. 

The stick should be plugged into the TV’s HDMI port. It is via the micro-USB port present on its side that the stick is powered.

The last step is to use the provided remote control. Follow the welcome as well as setup instructions shown on your TV screen. Enter your choice of Wi-Fi password. Once done, simply login into your Amazon account. 

Your setup is mostly complete. The only work left now is to include and log onto the different streaming channels of your choice. It can be Hulu, Netflix, etc. 

Best buy fire stick – 5 less known features you should know about

Amazon Fire TV Stick is gaining popularity across the globe and comes with some features, some of which are less known. 

  • Play games: This is an interesting feature which your kids/family members are sure to love. This Stick supports a variety of games like Basketball Hoop Toss, Mahjong and Volleyball 3D. You need to go to the main menu, choose to go to Apps and find your choice of games to play. The other easy alternative will be to use the mic button present on the Fire TV remote. Then simply tell ‘Search for different game apps’. You will be immediately provided with a list of games to play. 
  • Remote not essential: With the best buy fire stick, you can leave your worry behind even if you have misplaced the remote. Your mobile device can be converted into a remote for the Fire TV Stick. Follow the steps to avail the feature:
    • Connect your smartphone to a Wi-Fi network similar to your Fire TV Device. 
    • On your smartphone, open up the Fire TV app and choose your device. 
    • Then follow all on-screen prompts. 
    • Use the keyboard, on-screen navigation and other options provided in the menu to control the Stick. 
  • Mirror smartphone on best buy fire stick: The Fire Stick similar to other streaming devices allows you to mirror your smartphone on television. To derive this feature, you need to make sure that your Fire TV Stick and smartphone support the same Wi-Fi network. It should also be within a distance of 30 ft. from one another. On the Fire TV remote, press the Home button and choose the Mirroring icon. It allows you to mirror your smartphone on the TV screen.
  • Portable: There is no need to invest in another Fire TV gadget if you are a frequent traveler, be it within your country or abroad. Fire TV Stick 4K and Amazon Fire TV stick offer seamless functionality across 80+ countries. 
  • Carry your TV wherever you go: Since your Fire TV Stick has all your preferred content, you can enjoy accessing your favorite channels wherever you go. You just need to dismantle it from your television and plug it into another compatible TV present in your hotel. This way, you can enjoy instant access to your favorite channels and videos. 

In short, the best buy fire stick is sure to provide your family with non-stop entertainment.

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