• Our channel line up can and will change from time to time without notice, therefore we do not guarantee that the TV channels supplied will always be available from one moment to the next.
  • We do however endeavor to attempt to keep the channels as static as possible but the channel line up can change at any time without notice.
  • We always aim to provide a broad range of channels, and attempt to keep the number of channels available constant.
  • We do not accept that any change to the channel line up is a cause for termination of service and no refunds or return of goods are permissible due to any changes (for what ever time period) in channel line-up.
  • As with most IPTV systems there is a risk that the provider can be closed down without warning or notice. Should this happen, then there will be no refunds available.
  • Minimum Internet download speed for the SD channels is 3 mbps
  • Minimum Internet download speed for the HD and FHD channels is 8 mbps
  • The customer is not entitled to any compensation or refund or other consideration from Sapphire IPTV .
  • We do not offer refunds once your account has been setup. Once your payment is received, your IPTV service will be setup. Once your account is setup payment has gone through to the main provider of the IPTV service and refunds are not available.
  • Marketing: When you purchase any products, take a free trial or subscribe via our opt-in link from this website you agree to allow us to send you occasional marketing emails which may request you to review your experience when using our website and to give an evaluation of our services or we may send you various special offers.
  • The customer acknowledges that the service quality, conditions and the necessary equipment required so that the Service provided by the service should function correctly.
  • The customer states that they have in their possession, or has authorized access to and permission to use such equipment for the receiving of the Service, and exonerates Sapphire IPTV of any failures whatsoever, due to the performance of, or poor quality of customer provided equipment.
  • Sapphire IPTV cannot be held responsible for service interruption, suspension or removal, either temporary or permanent due to adverse weather conditions or other Force Majeure. For purposes of this agreement, Force Majeure, including Act of God, fire, flood, explosion, riot, war, hurricane, sabotage, terrorism, vandalism, accident, third party failure, restraint of Government, Governmental acts, injunctions, labor strikes, and other similar events that are beyond reasonable anticipation and control of Sapphire IPTV.
  • OptimumIPTV can not be held responsible for any changes, additions or removals of available channels.

IPTV Speed Requirements

  • For IPTV, you will need a stable internet connection of at least 3 mbps. This should give you a good quality  standard definition IPTV streaming service.
  • For HD IPTV and FHD streaming you will need at least an 8 mbps internet connection. Even with this speed you may still only receive a 720 HD quality and not the full 1080 HD quality.
  •  It is impossible for us to be responsible for
  • Your internet speed and quality
  • The quality of service provided by your devices
  • Your experience in setting up your devices
  • So with the above information in mind we offer and advise everybody to make use of our FREE 24 hour trial package before ordering one of our IPTV subscriptions.
  • By taking a FREE Trial you can more easily judge for yourself the quality of our service and decide whether our service is suitable for your use.
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